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Welcome to Alberta

... where the landscape and wildlife is art come to life. I have always loved exploring the flattest prairies to the highest mountains– and love it even more with a camera in my hand. My affordable prints bring natural beauty into your home & workplace, and I also offer services for custom nature photoshoots.

Explore Popular Prints

Alberta Nature and Wildlife Wall Art

Local original art doesn't have to be expensive. 

Frames are beautiful, but a good one can cost an arm and a leg. Using cheap frames reduces the appearance and quality of the art.

The solution? Photoboard. Quality professional prints hard mounted to MDF board with a black bevelled edge provide a clean, modern look and come ready to hang at an affordable price. 

Custom Photoshoots

Do you have a natural landscape, historical building or beautiful vista you'd like captured to display at home or for your business?

I offer custom photoshoots for nature and landscape, as well as photoshoots for historical/meaningful structures and locations. 

Lease Local Artwork

Are you a Calgary business hoping to display images of local natural beauty and history? Spruce up your office space, reception room, board rooms, hotel rooms, or air bnb space with local Alberta art.

Avoid the large up-front cost of buying and have the option to rotate artwork by renting artwork rather than buying!