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All of my images are offered and priced on “photoboard”, which is not traditional framing or canvas print. I love photoboard for reasons I expand on below! If after reading this you want a print framed or a canvas print, please send an inquiry using the form below, as the quotes for these can vary depending on the print.

What is Photoboard?

I print my photos on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper. The photo is then laminated and heat pressed onto MDF board (Medium-Density Fibreboard), a smoother version of plywood without the grain. The laminate protects the photo without any loss of detail and is non-reflective. Finally, the edges are finished with a black bevel which gives the images a clean, subtle border. 

Why I Use Photoboard

  • Cost-effectiveness. Photoboard costs a fraction of the price of framing while achieving similar quality. I love keeping my prints affordable and...
  • High-quality. Photoboard retains detail and produces a clear final image. After enduring early morning shoots and extreme weather for my shots, I want to make sure my prints look as good as possible.
  • Easy to Hang. Small pieces have a keyhole drilled on the back to hang on a single nail and large pieces have ‘wall buddies’ installed. Wall buddies are an easy way to hang artwork. It requires two nails which don’t even have to be level. Adjust the art side-to-side so it moves over the small teeth until level. Unlike using a wire, it stays level

Common Problems with Frames

A great frame around a beautiful photo can look amazing. My home is filled with framed photos, but I highly suggest when framing to do it right, which means spending more.

  • Frames are quite expensive. “Regular” glass used in cheaper frames performs more like a mirror, reflecting any natural light streaming into a room and making the art disappear! I suggest investing in higher-quality glass.
  • Even then… you can purchase non-reflective glass which partially solves the reflection issue, but expect a slight colour cast and a touch of haze.
  • I also suggest investing in custom matting and framing for each piece to get the most out of it– this can get pricey.

Common Problems with Canvas

I don’t hate canvas, but I also don’t love it. It’s more cost-effective than framing, but comes with two main drawbacks:

  • Canvas is image-specific; some photos look great on canvas and some don’t. Canvas adds texture, which works for smooth gradients and sweeping vistas, but easily loses detail. Stars disappear in night skies and feathers and fur on animals blend into one another, losing quality.
  • To prevent wear and fading, a layer of varnish is applied to the canvas. The varnish alters the brightness/saturation of the image and introduces some guesswork in the printing process to get it right.


Interested in ordering your print framed on printed on canvas? Please fill out the form below.