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Custom Projects

I offer custom photoshoots for nature and landscape, as well as photoshoots for historical/meaningful structures and locations. Do you have a beautiful piece of land that you would like to display in your home, business or on your website? Contact me for a custom photoshoot. 

My favourite projects include:

  • Beautiful land and structures, sometimes passed down through generations, including favourite vistas
  • Stunning local nature to be used on websites or marketing material for hotels, breweries, restaurants, and other small businesses to evoke a sense of place
  • Old buildings that are set for demolition or are giving into the pressures of time. 

How much does a custom project cost?

I offer two pricing schemes based on the final product: digital files or artwork to hang.

Digital files are priced on a per-image basis which allows you to pay for only the photos you like! Pricing starts at $100/image; however, discounted rates are offered based on the number of photos you purchase. 

If you are looking for artwork to hang, then I charge an upfront photo fee of $200. You’ll receive watermarked digital files and all artwork must be purchased through myself based on prices posted on this website.

Additional fees may be charged based on numerous factors such as travel, project size, project timeline, and if multiple trips are required for the photoshoot to capture various lighting or seasons.

Who has the rights to the photos?

I retain the rights of all images to be used on my website and social media or printed for sale. Exclusive use of the photos may be purchased.