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About Dean

Hi! I’m Dean, a nature and wildlife photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. I started getting serious about photography while travelling through the Chilean Atacama Desert, as I attempted to capture the incredible scenery around me. At first my images didn’t reflect the spectacular experience of actually being there. I wanted to show the drama of nature, the stillness and turbulence mixed up with close-up details and spaciousness. I wanted to take photos that made the viewer feel as if they were with me.



This is when I got hooked, spending my spare time editing, researching techniques and equipment, and tramping off into nature to stand in near-frozen rivers and bug-infested wood glades for hours. My mornings start early, usually a minimum 2.5 hours before the sun comes up to capture a beautiful mountain sunrise, often returning multiple times if the light isn’t quite right. I’ll head out in miserable weather and extreme temperatures when making moody, dramatic scenes becomes possible. I’ve grown a deeper connection with the Rocky Mountains where I grew up fishing, backpacking, and hiking. 

The Rockies are only a part of Alberta’s beauty. Through my work in environmental consulting, I’ve found myself in all corners of the province for weeks at a time and enjoy the various stark, dramatic landscapes. In my own time I drive east of Calgary until fences and power lines disappear, giving way to endless expanses of fields and even bigger skies. Following unusual weather patterns, I photograph brightly-lit fields under the black skies of incoming storms– the moments of silence right before the wind picks up and the sun disappears. Dotted here and there in the prairies are creaky shells of old barns, sheds, and abandoned homes which have become part of nature too, and a part of the history of this province.

I feel so lucky to live in a place where the landscape offers itself up as art, and I’m excited to provide small slices of natural Alberta beauty for your living and work spaces. 

Explore my most popular prints, check out my art leasing opportunities for businesses, or hire me for a custom photography project– I don’t do weddings or portraits, but I love taking portraits of nature, landscape, and buildings.